MUMS Outreach

What is Outreach and what do we do?


Music Outreach involves bringing music to places where it is rarely heard; the MUMS Outreach Scheme aims to bring high-quality music-making to a range of communities and organisations in the Manchester area, including hospitals, care centres and schools.  Our ongoing schemes include:


  • The ‘Hear This! (See This! Play This!)’ Music in Schools project, which brings performances and interactive music-making to local primary schools, with the aim of fostering a lifelong love of listening to and making music.
  • The Outreach Choir, which sings in local hospitals and care centres (including carol singing at christmas time) to improve the atmosphere for patients at what is often a stressful time in their lives.
  • Relaxed performances – we now run two ‘relaxed’ performances each year in the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama. We make these concerts accessible to all by breaking down certain conventions: there is no expectation that the audience will remain silent and still, but rather they are encouraged to sing, dance, move around the room, and come up and speak to the musicians and see the instruments. The doors remain open throughout so that audience members may come and go as they wish, and we provide a dedicated calm space for anyone who needs it, as well as publishing additional information to allow everybody to navigate our venue safely and without stress. The concerts are always free to attend; just let us know if you would like to know more about the next event.
  • Pop-up performances at the Manchester Museum – we attend a number of the Manchester Museum’s autism-friendly early-opening sessions, where we play music and give visitors the opportunity to see the instruments and speak to the musicians if they wish. The environment is relaxed and visitors can simply drop in on us when they wish.


If you would like more information about any of our projects, please do get in touch!


Who can benefit from our schemes?


We aim to make Music Outreach available to any group or organisation which serves the community in the Manchester area. If you are involved with a school, hospital, care centre or any other relevant organisation in the area which you think might benefit from musical performances and interactive activities provided by university-level musicians, please contact us on the details below – even if we dont currently have a specific scheme which would help you, we may well be able to create one if the interest is there!


Students of the University of Manchester – why volunteer?


Outreach is an exciting opportunity to use your musical abilities to make a positive contribution to somebody elses life in a variety of ways; it is a very fulfilling activity to be involved in. Working with the Outreach department is also beneficial for anybody with an interest in music education, music therapy or the voluntary/charity sector in general, since our schemes provide a valuable look into these fields, including experience which can be used on a CV or job application.


Outreach is unauditioned and welcomes musicians from a wide range of musical backgrounds, so there will almost certainly be a space for you to use your particular abilities!


Contact MUMS Outreach:


The Head Outreach Managers for 2017-18 are James Metcalfe and Katherine Blumer, and the project managers are Lisa Meech, Caitlin Sherwood, Ryan Woods and Kathy Hart. If you would like to get involved in any way, please:


• Email us with thoughts, requests or ideas:
• Join our Facebook group:
• Follow us on Twitter: @mums_outreach


We look forward to hearing from you!

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