Welcome to MUMS!

Welcome to the Manchester University Music Society (MUMS). With around 450 members joining and over 50 concerts every year, we are the largest student-led music society in the country. We have a diverse range of ensembles, an ever-growing outreach team, a fantastic conducting program, and plenty of MUMS socials throughout the year; there's something for everyone! For more information about the exciting opportunities that MUMS offers, explore our website using the links provided.

Guy Lockwood

President of MUMS, 2019-20

MUMS Committee 2016/17 - Vice President, Social Secretary and Publicity Officer

It's now time to elect our 2016/17 Vice President, Publicity Officer and a second Social Secretary (to help the fantastic Will Taylor) - and we need you to stand!

Please upload a manifesto for the position you wish to stand for - voting will be on the 24th May from 4-6pm (further details to follow) - and nominations will close at midnight on the 23rd May so act now without delay!

Outreach Update

This update comes from Jacqui and Mary - our fabulous Outreach Co-ordinators. They've been super busy and there's loads of opportunities to help them out - read on to find out more!


This is your chance to learn a new instrument, whether it be saxophone or trumpet, piccolo or tuba, the MHC will be filled with out of tune C scales for the whole of this semester! So get choosing your instrument, find a friend to lend and teach you their instrument and get practising!