Exciting developments from the committee...

The new year is shortly to begin and behind the scenes on the MUMS committee, we've been working hard through the summer to get lots of hugely exciting things lined up for all you MUMS members! We thought we'd give you a quick glance into what we've been up to.

As you can see, we've got a new website with all brand new content. Thanks to Dan Tzabar, our web admin, for putting the site together and to our Publicity team for all their hard work in putting together the colour scheme and all the design elements. Have a brouse through some of our concerts and see all the exciting events we have planned!

Some other things which we are currently in the process of planning are:

  • Tour - this is still in the early stages of planning, however there will be some details for those interested very soon!
  • Socials - as well as the traditional Welcome Week socials (Three-legged pub crawl etc.) there will also be a hangover breakfast and we currently have a society paintballing social planned, however there will be more details on this later.
  • Outreach - we are currently in negotiation with some local organisations to set up some outreach projects with our members. Again, more details to follow.
  • Concerts around campus - we have been working to set up some small events in University Place and the Students Union which will be opened up to MUMS members to help get the society out there! Watch the MUMS Twitter feed and Facebook page for more info on this.

  • These are but a small sample of all the exciting things we on the committee have been working hard to put into place over the summer. More than anything, we can't wait to get back, meet the new first years and begin rehearsals for our first concert of the year!Air Jordan VI 6 Shoes