Why (and how) to join MUMS!

Who can join MUMS?

Anyone can join! You can be a student, ex-student or a non-student to join; all you need is a love of making and listening to music.

  • Student Price: £15 /year (£10 if you join after January*)
  • Non-Student Price: £25 /year (£15 if you join after January*)

*(Reduced price is only available direct - not if you join through the Student's Union)

Why should you join MUMS?

How does one make the most of their time at University? The answer is to join societies! Are you wondering if MUMS is the society to do that? Well never fear, we’ve prepared a few informative posts to help you answer that. We’re certain you’ll find it to be yes, but don’t take our word for it; read on to decide for yourself…

Becoming a member of MUMS doesn't just give you the opportunity to play in our fantastic auditioned and unauditioned ensembles. As a member of the society you'll also have access to the following:

  • Free tickets to all our amazing concerts.
  • Discounted tickets to our infamous socials.
  • Non-music student MUMS members have access to the practice rooms in the basement of the Martin Harris Centre 17:00-21:00 weekdays and 9:00-17:00 weekends (please note, this does not include grand pianos).


Is MUMS for me?

  • Do you like LISTENING TO MUSIC? MUMS hosts over 50 concerts a year, all at a high standard. Our members enjoy classical music, of course – but also jazz, pop, showtune, film-music and much more. MUMS hosts concerts and gigs in a variety of genres and venues, whether concert hall, church or nightclub (yes, really). In the last week of the academic year, MUMS also hosts an event called ‘Estival’, a full week of music making, concerts, socials and informal competitions. As a MUMS member you get free tickets to all of our concerts.
  • Do you like PERFORMING MUSIC? MUMS has 6 main ensembles, plus many informal groups set up by members. There’s a variety of auditioned and non-auditioned ensembles for string, wind and brass players, and if you can’t find the group for you, MUMS is the perfect way to meet and jam with like-minded musicians. MUMS also offers exciting opportunities to solo performers, who can audition for the chance to play concertos with our ensembles, as well as signing themselves up to perform in our lunchtime concerts.
  • Do you want to LEARN AN INSTRUMENT? MUMS’ teaching scheme pairs members with student teachers, offering you affordable and flexible lessons from a peer. All our teachers are current- or ex-music students, meaning you can be sure of their skill at their instrument.
  • Do you want to USE OUR PRACTICE ROOMS? MUMS members can access practice rooms in the basement of the Martin Harris Centre, just behind Manchester Museum. All the practice rooms are fitted with an upright piano, and are available to use every weekday evening and all day during the weekend.
  • Do you want to CONDUCT? MUMS runs one of the leading student conducting systems in the country, selecting 6-8 student instrumental/orchestral conductors and 2-3 choral conductors each year. These conductors have the opportunity to conduct MUMS ensembles, and receive free one-to-one tuition from Rob Guy (head of conducting at UoM). Auditions will be held this semester.
  • Do you want to COMPOSE? MUMS’ ‘New Sounds’ concert, run every semester, allows MUMS’ best composers the chance to hear their works performed. Unfortunately the deadline has now passed to submit your work this year, but come along on Friday 15th (1:10pm in the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall) to hear those of your peers and gain inspiritation.
  • Do you want to TAKE MUSIC INTO THE COMMUNITY? Our relaxed, non-auditioned Outreach projects take music (both instrumental and vocal) into primary schools, hospitals, community centres and care-homes, doing our part to make music accessible to all. 
  • Do you want to MEET OTHER MUSICIANS? With around 400 members – including postgraduates, students from other universities, staff and non-students – MUMS is the perfect place to meet other people with a passion for music. Our facebook groups keep members up to date with local musical opportunities, and our numerous socials are a great way to mingle and make new friends. Speaking of…
  • Do you want to ATTEND OUR SOCIALS? With a 3-legged pub crawl, Christmas and Summer balls, informal pub trips after concerts, regular club events and much more, MUMS is one of the most social societies at the university. Many of our social events our free, and those that aren’t offer discounted tickets to MUMS members.


MUMS Ensembles:

  • Symphony Orchestra [auditioned]. Seated on a concert-by-concert basis, so you can opt in or out according to your availability. Rehearsals usually Monday and Wednesday evenings. 
  • Chamber Orchestra [auditioned]. Seated on a concert-by-concert basis, so you can opt in or out according to your availability. Rehearsals usually Monday and Wednesday evenings.
  • MUWO (Manchester University Wind Orchestra) [non-auditioned]. Rehearsals Wednesday evenings.
  • MUSO (Manchester University String Orchestra) [non-auditioned]. Rehearsals Tuesday evenings.
  • Big Band [auditioned]. Rehearsals Tuesday evenings.
  • Brass Band [auditioned]. Rehearsals Friday evenings.
  • Opera Project [auditioned].
  • Outreach ensembles (see next post)

For more information about our ensembles, check out the ‘ensembles’ tab of our website: here

It's also worth having a peruse of our sister society's website, the University Chorus. We work closely with them and put on a joint concert every semester. The Chorus presents:

  • University Chorus [non-auditioned]. 200 strong choir made up of people all across Manchester and beyond! Thursday evening rehearsals
  • Cosmo Singers [auditioned]. Large chamber choir
  • Ad Solem [auditioned]. Smaller chamber choir

Find out more here


MUMS Outreach

Taking music into the community, helping make it accessible to all.

  • Hear This Orchestra: this informal orchestra performs in primary schools. It doesn’t involve regular rehearsals, so is perfect for those who find it hard to commit to MUMS’ main ensembles
  • Outreach Choir: this inclusive, non-auditioned choir performs in hospitals and community centres
  • Outreach Carehome Project: this group go into care-homes once a week to sing with and talk to the residents
  • Relaxed performances: hosted by the Martin Harris Centre, these dementia- and family-friendly concerts are the highlight of their performers’ year


Upcoming concerts

Everyone is welcome to our concerts, regardless of whether you decide to sign up to the society. MUMS members get free tickets, but student tickets are available for only £3! Unless specified, all concerts are taking place in the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, located in the Martin Harris Centre.

Check out here for more information about concerts and the repertoire being performed. All our concerts also have facebook events, which can be found through a simple search.



A MUMS membership costs £15 for the academic year, but since if you sign up for just second semester you can get a discounted price of just £10. For this, you get access to all of the benefits discussed in the previous posts, plus the knowledge that the money is being put to good use funding the many musical projects MUMS runs. Remember, MUMS also welcomes non-students and members of UoM staff.

Email secretary@mumusicsociety.co.uk to sign up, or for any more information.
If you cannot afford a MUMS membership just now, remember you are still welcome at all of our concerts and socials, and can still join our Manchester University Music Community group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/125945241440271/) to keep up to date with music-related opportunities in the area.

*Students and UoM staff: £15 for the year, £10 for the semester
All others: £25 for the year, £15 for the semester


How to Join MUMS

The easiest way to join the society is to either:

  • Sign up via the University of Manchester Students Union (SU) website here.
  • Email secretary@mumusicsociety.co.uk to arrange a time to make payment and give us your details.
  • Sign up at an Ensemble rehearsal (MUWO, MUSO, Big Band, Brass Band).

After choosing any of these options and sucessfully signing up to MUMS, you will be emailed a digital membership card and full information pack on the society.

If you have any further queries about signing up, please email Phoebe Hewitt (Secretary) at secretary@mumusicsociety.co.uk.