NEW: Big Band Auditions - September 2019


NEW: Big Band (MUBB) Auditions - September 2019

Auditioning for one of the country's leading university big bands - what a great idea!

Please click on this link to access the Big Band extracts:

Please click on this link to sign up for your audition:

Here is a rough idea of how the audition will go:

PART 1: Standard

During the audition you'll be asked to choose a standard from the choice of:

  • All The Things You Are (Ab);
  • Blue Bossa (Cm);
  • Impressions (Dm)

Saxes/Trumpets/Trombones: You will choose a suitable tempo, then proceed to play the head once round. After the head, you will take two choruses of improvisation over the changes, concluding these two choruses with a final restatement of the head.

Pianos: Same as above applies, except you will take two additional choruses of comping over a soloist.

Bass and Drums: You will comp under the head then take two choruses of soloing. After the standard, we may ask you to then improvise on a couple of choruses of a 12-bar blues - this is so we can really grasp your improvisation voice!

PART 2: Sight-reading

All auditionees will be asked to sight-read a section from semester one big-band chart. This does not have to be perfect - it is just to see how quickly you can get to grips with new material!

PART 3: Chat

This is nothing formal - we would love to find out about your musical experiences pertaining to big bands and jazz music!

Final notes: You do not have to be a music student to be in MUBB, you just have to be a member of MUMS! We are not looking for the next John Coltrane, or the next prodigy who can sight-read perfectly! If you like the idea of being in MUBB and love what we do, then you should definitely audition! We look forward to meeting you and hearing you play!

You can email Jonny and Harrison at should you have any questions regarding Big Band or the audition process.