MUMS Opera Evening 2018!

We have some very exciting news: the opera for this year has been decided! In February 2018 MUMS will be performing an evening of opera including opera scenes, James Keirle’s Not on the List and Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas.

This means we now need you! In order to put on this opera we need to assemble 2 creative teams, one for Dido and Aeneas and one for the opera scenes + Not on the List. These two creative teams will be working closely together to achieve a sense coherence throughout this evening of opera. Below is the list of team members required for each team with a brief outline of what the role entails:

● Director: Working closely with the cast and principles on the dramatic and visual elements of the opera.
● Musical Director (PLEASE NOTE-The MD role for Dido and Aeneas is NOT open for selection- this application is for The Opera Scenes+ Not on the List only). The Musical Director position is open for anyone to apply, although it is important that relevant conducting experience has already been gained. The musical director must direct both artistically and demonstratively to create the best possible sound for the music working closely with the musical ensemble, solo singers and chorus master to create the best music possible for this opera. Competence of conducting technique is required.
● Chorus Master: Preparing the chorus in piano rehearsals prior to full rehearsals with the orchestra. The chorus master should be or have been a MUMS choral conductor, and/or have relevant experience and competence in directing and developing singers. This experience should be relevant to the chosen opera (e.g. contemporary/historically informed performance practice), yet anyone is welcome to apply.
● Producer: Overseeing all backstage tasks, including the administration of auditions, rehearsals and stage management. It is the producer’s responsibility to budget, fund-raise and procure the props and scenery for the opera. The producer should also liaise with the MUMS publicity officer to communicate the director’s desired marketing vision for the opera. The producer must do the Risk Assessment form.

If you would like to be considered for any of these roles, you must send a paragraph to outlining which team you would like to be considered for, your previous experience, why you want to be considered for the role and any other relevant information, which would help inform us. There will then be a short-list created from these applications and those short-listed will be invited for an interview/audition where appropriate, after consultation with the interview/audition panel. Intensive rehearsals for the opera will be taking place during the reading week in semester 2 and candidates must be able to guarantee their availability during this time period.

Please contact Benjamin Marrington-Reeve for copies of the score if you wish to look over Not on the list or Dido and Aeneas before applying. (
The deadline for submissions of your paragraph is no later than 17.00 on Sunday 29th October

We are looking forward for your responses!