*PLEASE NOTE 2017/18 Audition Information will be released shortly- Please do not begin preparing the audition excerpts from below!!*

2016/17 Audition Information

MUMS holds auditions each year for all of our ensembles except MUWO (Wind Orchestra) and MUSO (String Orchestra).

 book an audition, click here.

You can currently book auditions for MUMS Symphony/Chamber Orchestra that will take place on the 4th February.

If you have any problems whilst using the online sign-up system, please email for help!

Orchestral Auditions (*PLEASE NOTE* 2017/18 Audition Information will be released shortly- Please do not begin preparing the audition excerpts from below!!)

If you want to join the MUMS Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, you'll need to have an orchestral audition. Each audition will last six minutes, and you will be asked to play some prepared orchestral extracts, as well as up to three minutes of a piece of your own choice (there will be no accompanist).

All candidates should prepare a piece of their choice. The panel will hear no more than 3 minutes of this, so you may choose to start wherever you like in the piece. Please bring a copy for the panel. There will be no accompanist.

Please also prepare the excerpts listed below, which are from Mahler’s Symphony No.1 unless otherwise stated. Please prepare the 1st part unless specifically stated. Parts can be downloaded and printed from:,_Gustav)

It is recommended that you study the piece from a recording, not just your own part, in order that you are aware of tempi, context etc. Please bring copies of the excerpts with you.

Woodwind players are encouraged to offer doubling instruments and should prepare the excerpts, no solo piece will be heard.

Percussion: there will be no excerpts due to time constraints. Please prepare something for timpani, side drum and tuned. If you don’t play tuned, just timpani and side drum is fine.

Pianists: there will be no orchestral piano auditions at current, keep an eye on your emails for future orchestral possibilities.

1st movement: fig 8-13
2nd movement: fig 27 – end
3rd movement: fig 16-17
4th movement: fig 52-54
Picc: (from flute 3/picc part)
1st movement: fig 25-26
4th movement: fig 7-13

1st movement: fig 25-end
2nd movement: fig 5-9
3rd movement: fig 3-12
3rd movement: complete

1st movement: beginning to fig 6
1st movement: fig 25 to end
2nd movement: fig 5-9
3rd movement: fig 13 to end
1st movement: beginning to fig 5
3rd movement: fig 3-5
1st movement: fig 25 to end
2nd movement: fig 6-17

1st movement: fig 17-27
2nd movement: fig 5-10
3rd movement: fig 13-16
Contra: 1st movement: fig 24 - end

Percy Grainger - Lincolnshire Posy. 
Soprano - 3rd (version B) & 4th movements. 
Alto - 1st & 2nd movements. 
Tenor - 5th & 6th movements. Ideally audition on 2 instruments.
Parts available here:

1st movement: fig15-16 (either 1st or 4th)
2nd movement: fig 15-16 (either 1st or 4th)
4th movement: fig 54-59 (either 1st or 4th)

1st movement: fig 1- just after fig 3
3rd movement: fig 14-17
4th movement: 4 bars before fig 10-15

3rd movement: fig 15-16
4th movement: fig 26-31

1st movement: fig 23-25
3rd movement: fig 2-4
Please also play the first 27 bars of Wagner – Die Meistersinger overture

Percy Grainger - Lincolnshire Posy. 
2nd & 4th movements
Parts available here:

1st movement: fig 6-8
4th movement: beginning to fig 3
4th movement: fig 16-19

1st movement: fig 18 – 4 bars after 20
4th movement: 6 bars before fig 4 – 7
4th movement: fig 44 - 45

1st movement: fig 29-31
4th movement: fig 18-22
4th movement: fig 41-42

1st movement: fig 29-31
2nd movement: beginning to fig 5
3rd movement: first 10 bars

1st movement: fig 14-15
3rd movement: fig 4-5

MUWO & MUSO Section Principals

Whilst you do not need to audition to join either MUWO or MUSO, this year we are auditioning for section principals. To audition, please sign up for an orchestral audition and tick the box that says you would like to be considered as a section principal.

First Year Music Students

First year music students (at the University of Manchester) do not need to have an orchestral audition for their first study instrument, as the MUMS Personnel team sit in on the instrumental auditions you'll have in your first couple of weeks. If you would like to be considered on a second study instrument you will have to sign up for an audition on that instrument. Ad Solem, Big Band & Brass Band do still require you to have a seperate audition - see below for more info.

Ad Solem & The Cosmo Singers

This year there will be two rounds of auditions for Ad Solem and the Cosmo Singers. The first round will be for people who have not been in either ensemble in previous years, and the second round is for returning singers as well as those who were successful in the first round. The audition will consist of a short pre-prepared piece of your choice (an accompanist will be provided if required), a short sight reading test and finally some range tests. Each audition should last around ten minutes.

Brass Band

The auditions for Brass Band will last about 10 minutes and are very informal. You will be asked to:

  • Play a short extract to be prepared prior to the audition. This will be sent to you by email shortly before your audition.
  • Sight-read a hymn in order to assess musicality.
  • Play a short piece of sight-reading.

Details on the times and locations of Brass Band Auditions, as well as how to sign up for one will be posted here shortly.

Big Band

This year the Big Band auditions will be around 10 minutes long.

During the audition you'll be asked to sight read some big band repertoire; improvise on your choice of either My Funny Valentine, Black Orpheus or There Will Never Be Another You; and will have a brief chat about your experience and influences.

Applicants need not prepare anything in advance, we look forward to hearing you!

Auditions will take place in week 1 (the week commencing Monday 26th) and details of how to sign up will be here soon. N.B. we will not be auditioning any pianists this year.