This is your chance to learn a new instrument, whether it be saxophone or trumpet, piccolo or tuba, the MHC will be filled with out of tune C scales for the whole of this semester! So get choosing your instrument, find a friend to lend and teach you their instrument and get practising!

An Avalanche of Concerts

Our next run of concerts has been announced, and with such variety, there is surely something for everyone to come along to. Each concert is priced individually, so please see each event page for further details.

Wind Ensembles Composition Opportunity

For our Wind Ensembles concert on the 20th of February, we're looking for two (or perhaps three) MUMS members to compose a piece for either Flute Ensemble or a Wind Ensemble of your choice; of roughly five minutes in length. If you're interested in being awarded this opportunity, we would like you to submit one or two recent examples of your compositions, as well as around 400 words outlining your vision for the piece and why you would like the opportunity, by 12pm on Sunday the 1st of November.