2017/18 Audition Information

MUMS holds auditions each year for all of our ensembles except MUWO (Wind Orchestra) and MUSO (String Orchestra).Another round of auditions for non-music students and 2nd year, 3rd year and postgraduate music students will take place on January 30th between 5-8pm, in room G16 of the Martin Harris Centre (the University Music Department). 


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Orchestral Auditions 

All candidates should prepare a solo piece of their choice. The panel will hear no more than 3 minutes of this, so you may choose to start wherever you like in the piece. Please bring a copy for the panel. There will be no accompanist (except for the 1st year music auditions).

Please also prepare the excerpts listed below, which are from Shostakovich’s Symphony No.10 unless otherwise stated. The relevant extracts as well as a full score are available as pdf files in this dropbox folder.

It is recommended that you study the piece from a recording and the score, not just your own part, in order that you are aware of tempi, context etc. Please bring your own copies of the excerpts with you to the audition.

Percussion: there will be no excerpts due to time constraints. Please prepare something for timpani, side drum and tuned. If you don't play tuned, just timpani and side drum is fine. These can be solo pieces, or orchestral extracts."

Woodwind players: due to time constraints we have decided not to set excerpts for piccolo, cor anglais, bass & Eb clarinet, contra bassoon. If you would like to play a doubling instrument in your audition, please prepare a short orchestral excerpt of your choice.​


1. 2 bars before fig 40 until 44

2. Fig 60 until 62

3. Fig 96 to end of movement

4. Fig 160 to 165


1. Fig 32 until 35

2. Fig 40 until 42

3. Fig 96 to end of movement

4. Fig 145 to 147


1. Fig 40 until 44 (in A)

2. Fig 56 until 59 (in A)

3. Fig 96 to end of movement (in Bb)

4. Fig 194 until 198 (in A)


1. Fig 29 until 32

2. Fig 111 until 113

3. Fig 149 to 150

4. Fig 192 to 196

Saxophone (Bernstein – Three Dance Episodes from On the Town) Please prepare either alto or tenor

1. 1st movement letter E to end

2. 2nd movement K to L

3. 3rd movement A1 to end 

Horn (all in F)

1. Fig 98 until end of movement

2. Fig 114 until 119

3. Fig 179 until 182

4. Fig 201 until end

Trumpet (all in Bb)

1. Fig 35 until 37

2. Fig 85 until 87

3. Fig 98 to end of movement

4. Fig 181 to 185


1. Fig 34 until 37

2. Fig 85 until 87

3. Fig 181 to bottom of page

4. Fig 204 to end


1. Fig 34 until 44

2. Fig 77 until 79

3. Fig 203 to end

Euphonium (Bernstein – Dance Episodes from On the Town)

Prepare complete part


1. Fig 36 until 40

2. Fig 139 until 143

3. Fig 153 until 156

4. Fig 198 until 200


1. Fig 63 until 65

2. Fig 71 to bottom of page

3. Fig 158 to 161

4. Fig 198 to 200


1. Fig 53 until 55

2. Fig 129 until 132

3. Fig 164 until 166

4. Fig 185 until 188


1. Fig 113 until bottom of page

2. Fig 129 until 133

3. Fig 164 until 166

4. Fig 177 until 181

Harp (Stravinsky Fireworks)

1. Bar before 6 to 8

2. Fig 14 to end

Orchestral Piano/ Celesta (Stravinsky – Fireworks, Turnage – Crying Out Loud)

Please prepare everything in the pdf file

MUWO & MUSO Section Principals

Whilst you do not need to audition to join either MUWO or MUSO, this year we are auditioning for section principals. To audition, please sign up for an orchestral audition and tick the box that says you would like to be considered as a section principal.



Brass Band

The auditions for Brass Band will last about 10 minutes and are very informal. You will be asked to:

  • Play a short extract to be prepared prior to the audition. This will be sent to you by email shortly before your audition.
  • Sight-read a hymn in order to assess musicality.
  • Play a short piece of sight-reading.

Details on the times and locations of Brass Band Auditions, as well as how to sign up for one will be posted here shortly.

If you can't make any of the available auditions times please email and the managers will be able to help you.

Big Band

This year the Big Band auditions will be around 10 minutes long.

During the audition you'll be asked to sight read some big band repertoire; improvise on your choice of either Doxy(Bb), Blue Bossa (C minor) and Round Midnight (Eb minor); and will have a brief chat about your experience and influences.

You can find the above pieces here

Auditions will take place in week 1 (the week commencing Monday 25th September).

We look forward to hearing you!

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT auditioning pianists this year as one of our musical directors plays this instrument. We are not holding auditions for singers until second semester.

If you can't make any of the available auditions times please email and the managers will be able to help you.