MUMS Auditions (Now OPEN)

close up of saxophone

Auditions are now open! You can now sign up for auditions here, and get all the information you need about the audition pieces here

Announcing the MUMS 2015/16 Committee

Following the elections and interviews for appointed positions, MUMS is pleased to announce the full (with a couple of exceptions) committee for 2015/16.

Vocal Showcase - 1st May - 1.10pm

Join the Manchester University Barbershop Singers and Latin Name TBC for a free concert on Friday the 1st of May at 1.10pm in the Martin Harris Centre's Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall.

MUMS Committee 2015/16 Vice-President Elections

Applications for this role are now closed, the election will take place in the Martin Harris Centre foyer today from 1-4pm.

University Chorus - 26th April

Join the Manchester University Chorus and MUMS Symphony Orchestra for a performance of Mendelssohn’s St Paul.

Whitworth Hall - 7.30pm

Conducted by Justin Doyle

New Website!

Setting the stage for MUMS 2015!

Welcome to the new MUMS Website! We've had a makeover to set the stage for Estival and the rest of 2015 - and we hope you'll agree it looks fantastic!